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lauras jewelery ring 




From the beginning of my career, in the years 1980 to 1995, I had the chance to integrate the Parisian workshops selected by the most recognized signatures of French and international fine jewelryThe big houses entrust us with the realization of their most prestigious pieces.  Thus, I learned the trade in the tradition, with patience, rigor and precision, under the tutelage of the best artists jewelers. Over the years, I have been able to acquire the technical know-how and develop the artistic sense necessary to interpret the sketches and drawings while respecting the style of the various artistic directors.

haute-joaillerie-joailler-savoir-faire-collection-falbala-philippe lauras.JPG
haute-joaillerie-joailler-savoir-faire-collection-falbalaphilippe lauras.JPG


I'm launching my own collection consisting of unique pieces  and jewelry in limited series. It combines French elegance and refinement so popular internationally. Entirely handmade, these unique pieces meet the most demanding technical, aesthetic and comfort criteria. We always find fluid curves, often asymmetrical, with generous volumes. However, these jewels remain light  and pleasant to wear


Sensitive to art from an early age, I quickly chose an artistic training and integrated the courses of the School of Jewelry  of Paris (BJOP) alternating with apprenticeship in the workshop.  At the same time, I took additional training in gemology and took courses in volume, modeling and drawing.

savoir-faire-collection-falbala-haute-joaillerie-joailler-philippe lauras.JPG

Know how


Exclusively positioned in Haute Joaillerie,  Our pieces are entirely handmade,  a passionate team that puts mastery of know-how at the service of creativity.


Located near Paris, this artist's studio offers a setting conducive to creation where we receive our clients by appointment.

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