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Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 11-21-16 GemGenève - Gem and Jewellery trade show organised in Ge

Prochains salons de joaillerie en date ;

Prochains salons de joaillerie en date ;

Vivarium designer créateur, Gemgeneve 2022 sélectionné par Vivienne Becker.

"Gemgeneve Representing centuries of tradition and driven by an open-minded spirit, GemGenève is a trade show organised by industry insiders who understand the needs of their exhibitors and aims to be a hub of creativity and innovation. The dynamic GemGenève Team was founded to promote creativity, to support talent and to foster the lively exchange of knowledge and ideas throughout the gem and jewellery community."

gemgeneve 2022 magasine.jpg
Vivienne Becker Philippe Lauras.JPG
Gemgenève may 5 - 8 2022 exhibitors 2022 Philippe Lauras
The Designer vivarium Gemgeneve.JPG

Top Marque Show, Monaco 2015 

"The company's presence in the trade fair context remains a guarantee of visibility; in its 23 years of activity in Vicenza, Palakiss has gathered a qualified international audience that is sure to find what it needs at every event. Exhibiting at Palakiss Summer offers companies new sales opportunities and meetings with new partners in the world of jewelry with buyers from 5 continents who, thanks to the cash & carry formula, have the opportunity to buy and sell products purchased at Palakiss in their markets."

MONACO-top marques 2015.JPG
monaco top marques 2015.JPG
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